Micro Business Confidence in the UK

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The economy is showing signs of life. Since December, Economists have revised forecasts upward and we’ve seem many positive key indicators for the UK economy. But it is in how confident entrepreneurs are to promote their businesses and invest in advertising spend that is a useful barometer at the grass roots level of business.

printing.com helps small businesses promote themselves. So, the relationship between advertising investment and economic growth is one that printing.com are well placed to shed some light. 1,500 micro businesses in the UK told us how they view doing business in 2014. These businesses are engaged across a multiplicity of industry sectors including property maintenance, IT, health and beauty, hotels/guest houses and various forms of consultancy.

This survey, the only nationwide business confidence survey focussed on firms employing 0 to 10 people, gives an insight into the varying levels of optimism at the difficult to track grass roots level of the UK economy. printing.com’s dense client base is representative of the UK micro business. This survey was carried out online, canvassing the views of printing.com clients.

Download a pdf version of the complete survey.


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