Promotional Films

All our films are produced in HD with a team experienced in outdoor activity filming and safety – so we are the best team if you need us kayaking down a river or climbing up a rock face. What’s more, we know Scotland like the back of our hands so location knowledge is second to none.

Latest Technology

Rock Solid are keen to embrace the latest technologies in the filming industry, and use the equipment that is most suited to your job and budget. If you want the best quality images and sound then we have access to the latest video cameras, sound recording equipment and editing and composition software in the industry to ensure that you film looks and sounds as good as it can.

The Adventure Filming Specialists

Outdoor Camera Operator
If you need a promotional film that involves outdoor activities, difficult to access camera positions, or wild locations then you’ve come to the right people. With a strong background in outdoor activities the Rock Solid team are well equipped to take on projects like this in a professional manner with a high regard for the safety of your team and ours.

With coaching and safety qualifications in a variety of outdoor activities we can ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish without you having to worry, and if we need extra safety support we have strong contacts with other specialists in the film safety industry who can provide this cover.